About Us

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Natural Bridges Landscaping is a Design/Build firm that focuses on quality landscaping. We are based in the South Bay Area with headquarters in Los Gatos, California.


The name 'Natural Bridges' comes from the idea that good landscaping forms a useful, artistic, and living 'bridge' to the natural world that surrounds, inspires, and sustains us . By living outdoors we strengthen our connection to the basic elements of nature, the interplay between sky, sun, water, earth, plants, insects, birds, and human craft and consciousness, which is only found in a garden.


David Ross formed Natural Bridges Landscaping in 1984 for the above purpose and to create new and exciting gardens. We create beautiful and functional outdoor "rooms" and play and relaxation areas for children and adults. We like to include art or artistic components, drought-resistant plantings, native plants and habitats, beautiful and stimulating plant combinations, water features, and a responsible use of natural resources . We design, integrate, and install all masonry, concrete, wood and other landscape features, including outdoor kitchens and BBQ's, patios, walls, arbors, spas, swimming pools, fire pits and fireplaces, driveways, walkways, and decks. We encourage and use sustainable design and installation.

You can also find us on: LandscapingLosGatos.blogspot.com

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed and bonded?

We are a fully licensed California C27 landscape contractor # 535-214. There are no complaints against our license or on the internet after 26 years.


Are you insured?

Liability insurance ($2 million aggregate) and Worker's Compensation Insurance


What is your approach to customer service?

Firstly, we respect your time and will make the very best use of it in any interaction. We regularly set and maintain realistic timelines. Our long term success depends on addressing all your concerns promptly with transparency, and clear and timely communication.


What is your design philosophy?
We shape the design to serve the client's taste and preferences while giving them the benefit of our 26 years of experience. A practical approach permeates Natural Bridges, including our design philosophy. Please check the Gallery and HGTV show links for examples of our work.


How do you present your estimates?
We provide a detailed line item quote.


Do you incorporate sustainable practices into your work?
We have always advocated practical, cost-effective strategies to focus and reduce water usage. We frequently work with re-used, recycled and renewable materials, use drought-resistant plants, and limit the amount of non-natural products used in the landscape. We emphasize proper mulching and efficient use of drip irrigation in our work. Our in-house designer has a degree in natural resource management and watershed hydrology from Cal Poly.


What is your track record on keeping projects on time and within budget?
Typically, once clients see the quality of our work they tend to increase the scope of the project, often midstream. Regardless, we always strive to finish on time and keep our clients happy. Budgets are only exceeded when there are signed change-orders. We are proud of our track record when it comes to completing projects on time and within the client's budget.


How do you come up with landscaping solutions?
We supply expert gardening advice based on 26 years of experience in order to avoid long term problems. We work closely with our clients to insure that they receive the service and advice that meets their specific needs. We professionally manage and coordinate the timely completion of large intricate projects.


What kind of hardscaping do you do?
We design & Install: all concrete/masonry projects, installing pools, spas, and other water features; retaining walls, driveways, patios and pathways; arbors, decks, fences and gates; lighting, irrigation, drainage and all manner of plantings.